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Steve Davis

San Jose, CA


I grew up watching a lot of TV. I have read books and have enjoyed them; but, for the most part, my idea of stories comes mostly from the idiot box or the big screen. As a result, I have a deep love for character development and plot, but not a lot of skill when it comes to writing. Often, words and I are not friends.


I am the king of in-articulation and saying the wrong thing. I try very hard to foster a relationship with words, but they always seem to elude me.  Pictures, however, said to be worth a thousand words, are in ready supply. So, visual art as a medium for conveying a narrative seems to be an obvious choice. 


Themes contained within the narratives of my work include, but are not limited to: conspiracy theories, abuse of power, delusions of grandeur, frustrations of all kinds, military hardware and all of the implications involved, love, lust, hatred, fear, sadness, retribution, ethics, lack of ethics, moral dilemma, gender issues, genetics, the wonders of peanut butter, body image issues, Coca Cola, the American Dream, social commentary, and the aesthetics of dysfunctional absurdity. These narratives are a response to a life, and all of the glorious and horrifying possibilities contained within.  

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